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Celebrate Labor Day by Getting Away

August 30th, 2017

Labor Day honors the contributions that workers have made to this country, and for many Americans, the holiday is a great time to relax at home with family and friends. But there are quite a few people who celebrate the holiday by getting out of town, with an estimated 33 million people traveling more than 50 miles over Labor Day weekend each year. If you’re dreaming of a great Labor Day escape but you’re not quite sure where to go, here are a few ideas from our team at Creo Dentistry to give you some travel inspiration.

Explore a National Park

On a national holiday like Labor Day, it’s only fitting to experience the beauty of America’s landscapes by heading to the nearest national park. If you’re confined to an office most days of the year, national parks can provide a relaxing and scenic escape, whether you’re by yourself, traveling with a group of friends, or bringing the whole family along. Depending on how close you live to the nearest park, you can stay for an afternoon or for longer than a week. With 58 parks located in 27 states, there are plenty of beautiful areas to choose from.

Chow Down in a BBQ Haven

Barbecuing is a popular Labor Day activity, but instead of sweating over your own grill or oven, try visiting one of the country’s BBQ capitals. U.S. News and World Report names Memphis as the top BBQ destination, with more than 80 BBQ restaurants in the city, most notably Corky’s BBQ and Central BBQ. Kansas City is also known for the sweet taste of its sauces, while central Texas is said to have perfected the technique of smoking tender and flavorful brisket.

Relax on the Beach

Many people think of Labor Day as the unofficial start of fall, which brings cooler temperatures, more rain, and for many people, an end to lazy days at the beach. End your beach days with a bang by taking a trip to one of the coasts or to a lakeside beach. For an added dose of festivity, find a city or town that celebrates the occasion with a fireworks display over the water.

Whether you’re looking to turn your getaway into a full week affair or you simply want to experience a quick escape, make the most of your holiday by changing your surrounding scenery. Happy Labor Day from the dental practice of Dr. Hwang!

Dentin Tooth Sensitivity Treatments

August 23rd, 2017

Dentine hypersensitivity can be described as a sharp and sudden pain caused by cold food and beverages. It’s present in more than half the population and result from receding gums that expose the root surfaces of your teeth.

That being said, hypersensitivity can be triggered by forceful tooth brushing, teeth whitening products, gum disease, and erosion from acid reflux, bulimia, or highly acidic foods. Symptoms can range from moderate to severe, depending on the cause and how quickly it’s treated.

Tooth sensitivity begins when the dentin develops some exposure. This layer that surrounds the nerve of the tooth is usually covered by gum tissue, but when recession takes place, the dentin can get exposed and the pain begins. The dentin contains numerous pores that run from the surface of the tooth inward. This direct connection to the nerve and blood supply of the tooth can be affected by external stimuli, such as the triggers cited above.

The good news is there are several different ways to treat dentinal hypersensitivity at Creo Dentistry.

Treatment of dentin tooth sensitivity begins by making an appointment with Dr. Hwang. We encourage you to begin treatment sooner rather than later in order to figure out the cause and to reduce the pain you’re experiencing. In most cases, quick treatment options will solve the problem, including the use of desensitizing toothpaste, switching to a soft-bristled toothbrush, starting a daily fluoride rinse treatment, or minimizing teeth grinding with the help of a custom mouthguard.

For more serious cases, we may recommend you get crowns put on problematic teeth, start a gel or varnish fluoride treatment, or even schedule a surgical gum graft or root canal, depending on the cause and severity of your pain.

If you’re concerned about any tooth sensitivity you’re experiencing, please give our Marysville, WA office a call and schedule an appointment. Dr. Hwang and our team want to help you identify the cause of your pain, and give you the best possible treatment plan. We look forward to seeing you to help alleviate discomfort and solve your tooth sensitivity.

Dangers of Thumb Sucking

August 16th, 2017

It’s common for children to suck their thumb at a young age. Dr. Hwang and our team want you to understand the potential issues that can surface down the road if the habit isn’t broken early on.

It’s normal for infants to explore the function of their mouths by putting objects like their thumbs inside it. You shouldn’t be concerned if your baby regularly sucks his or her thumb. For infants who are still growing their baby teeth, thumb sucking can help with stimulating growth and development of their baby teeth.

Thumb sucking is not a problem among infants because they generally do it to sooth and comfort themselves. Problems can occur of kids continue the habit when their baby teeth begin to fall out, around six years of age.

If you have a young child whose adult teeth are starting to come in, that’s when thumb sucking can start to be a problem. Most children stop thumb sucking between the ages of two and three years. According to the American Dental Association, if thumb sucking continues as adult teeth come in, this can lead to problems involving improper alignment of teeth and growth of the jaw, gums, and roof of the mouth.

It may also affect your child’s speech after that, by causing a lisp or other speech impediments. As a parent, you may need to begin to regulate and intervene if thumb sucking starts to become a bigger problem for your child.

How to Stop Thumb Sucking

  • Provide comfort to your child if thumb sucking happens when he or she is anxious.
  • Limit thumb sucking initially to bedtime or naptime.
  • Employ positive reinforcement for good behavior.
  • Talk with your child about the potential problems that come from this habit.
  • Distract your son or daughter with activities such as fun games any time you notice it starting.
  • Involve your little one in choosing methods for stopping, like positive rewards.
  • Have Dr. Hwang talk to your child to reinforce concerns about thumb sucking.

Don’t forget that thumb sucking is a common habit that many children indulge in, and it should not be a concern right away. If you’re worried about your child’s thumb-sucking habit, start to address the issue as soon as possible.

The above techniques can help to reduce the amount of time your child sucks a thumb. Dr. Hwang and our team are here to help you if you have any questions or concerns about this habit.

Feel free to call our Marysville, WA office and we will be happy to help you and your child.

How do I make my child’s diet safe for his or her teeth?

August 9th, 2017

The food you feed your child can have a lasting effect on his or her oral health. In fact, diet plays a major role in whether a child develops cavities and decay, which can lead to many dental visits and potential tooth loss. So what should you feed your child to ensure he or she has a healthy smile for life?

Foods to Avoid

It is normal for your child to take interest in many foods -- especially those filled with sugar and carbohydrates. But as tasty as these foods are, they can cause rapid decay when eaten in excess. That’s not to say your child can never have sugar again. Dr. Hwang and our staff suggest limiting starchy and sugary foods such as candy and potato chips as much as possible.

Remember that some seemingly healthy foods can present the threat of decay too. Some of the most common culprits are sticky foods like peanut butter, raisins, and granola bars, which can stick to the teeth after eating. If you serve these foods to your child, be sure to have him or her brush immediately after eating to remove any lingering sugary residue.


Many beverages marketed toward children contain sugar servings that far exceed the daily recommendations from national health organizations. They suggest no more than three to four teaspoons of added sugar per day for young children.

Make an effort to serve only water to your child any time other than meal times. During meals, allow your child to have milk or juice, but in limited serving sizes. Most importantly, never allow your young child to sleep with a bottle or “sippie cup” full of juice or milk. Doing so can cause rapid tooth decay: a condition known as “baby bottle caries.”

A Healthy and Balance Diet

So long as your child is brushing regularly and eating a healthy, balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains, you should have little or no problem with tooth decay. For more questions about how your child’s diet affects his or her oral health, contact our Marysville, WA office to schedule a consultation.

"I would do it all over again!"

Professional, caring, quality, friendly and fun. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Creo Dentistry and their staff. The Care I have been given is great and the outcome of what we had done with my teeth and my husband's brings us compliments often. But more importantly is the care that has been given to my elderly mother and my brother who is disabled with MS and in a wheelchair.

In a recent visit for my brother, having anticipated his needs, the staff had the x-ray area all set to accommodate his wheelchair so my brother did not have to be transferred unnecessarily. They remembered it was his birthday and gave him big smiles and birthday wishes. He received awesome care and loved his visit and his shiny clean teeth. My elderly mother has received the utmost care and respect as well. I am forever grateful for the treatment my family and I have received. I recommend Creo Dentistry and their team to anyone for comprehensive, excellent service.

Karen Anderson, Marysville

"I would do it all over again!"

Last summer I had a problem with a tooth. I went to see Creo Dentistry and they told me what my options were. I decided my best one was a dental implant. I expected it to be a painful procedure, however I didn't experience any pain during the procedure nor anytime afterwards. I feel Dr. Hwang is an outstanding dentist and Marysville is very fortunate to have him. I'm really pleased with my front tooth implant and no one can tell which tooth is my implant!

Sylvia Stevens, Marysville

"I would do it all over again!"

A co-worker recommended Creo Dentistry; He'd been going to them for years. I am glad I took his recommendation. I talked to Dr.Hwang about an implant; he described options and what his methods are. He is very skilled and keeps up with the latest procedures and tools. I appreciate Dr. Hwang's professionalism and care. If you want your dental work done right, go to Creo Dentistry!

Jeff, Marysville

"I would do it all over again!"

Just a quick note to let you know about my new dentist. I was driving down Grand River one day and saw his sign which included the word "implants" so I decided to give him a try. I have had several visits now and each time Dr. Thomas and his staff have commented on what an excellent job you did on my implants! The last time I was there, Dr. Thomas stated "that in all his 30 years as a dentist and all the training and teaching about implants, he has never seen any that looked as great as mine". SOoooooooooooooooo… I thought you should hear about it.

Norma Smith, Grand River, Michigan

"I would do it all over again!"

What a wonderful gift to give someone when you let them know they have options. Before I visited Creo Dentistry, I had never been told I had options on how to correct my dental problems.

For years I wore an appliance called a bite plate. Every few years it had to be replaced because of wear and the fact that it became loose due to taking it in and out every night. It would also pop up whenever I ate certain foods, and I had given up the thought of ever chewing gum. It was not worth the embarrassment of having my bite plate stick to the gum and become loose in my mouth. Now I can eat anything and even chew bubble gum. What a miracle to have “normal” teeth and to smile with unrestrained joy! My new smile muscles are becoming stronger and stronger each day.

Dr. Hwang, many thanks to you and all your wonderful staff who have made my transition such a great experience. Thanks so much!

Susann Woods, Marysville

"I would do it all over again!"

After many visits to area dentists I have finally found the best for my care. I am an extreme dental phobic avoiding regular dental care because of this. Creo Dentistry and staff are professional and very caring to their patients. The most important thing for me was that Dr. Hwang offered oral sedation. All it took was one tablet, 1 hour prior to my procedures and I was totally relaxed and unafraid. I was awake in time to leave the office with my husband. Because of his gentle care I would not hesitate to return for future care. For all you fraidy cats like myself, there is hope for your dental care. Call Creo Dentistry’s office for an appointment with no fear. And my teeth look great now!

Elizabeth Seitz, Marysville

"I would do it all over again!"

My Mom first came to Creo Dentistry in January of this year due to the discomfort caused by decay of her lower teeth. Our family was very concerned about the procedure because she had suffered a severe stroke and was taking Plavix and other medications. She had to have the remainder of her bottom teeth pulled and the staff was wonderful about walking us through the procedure and the options for replacement. My mom did very well through the whole procedure and on more than one occasion she talked about how nice Dr. Hwang and the staff are. Creo Dentistry are so caring and show great professionalism. My mom’s implants look fabulous (a true work of art), and I loved seeing the joy and pride they take in their work. I can never thank Dr. Hwang enough for what he did for my mom. He and his staff truly changed her quality of life.

Betty Soden

"I would do it all over again!"

Creo Dentistry performed my first tooth implant surgery. Dr. Hwang and the entire staff were very thorough in explaining all the details beforehand so that I felt completely comfortable going in for the surgery. I was pleased at how smoothly the whole process went, and I’m very happy with my new tooth. It seems so much like my real teeth that I don’t even think about it anymore. Thank you Creo Dentistry!

Peggy, Marysville

"I would do it all over again!"

I have always had a fear of going to the dentist. During this last year I had treatment, including an implant procedure. My experience of going to the dentist has been very positive, as the final results have been wonderful. Dr. Hwang and his entire staff have been very professional, yet caring and compassionate. I am no longer afraid of going to the dentist.

Sandy Horn, Camano Island

"I would do it all over again!"

When I moved to Washington from Oregon in 2000, I was concerned about finding a new dentist for my family. I asked at my new Job at the American Cancer Society if anyone had a great dentist for my kids. Luckily, someone recommended Creo Dentistry and they took care of my kids and me with diligent attention to prevention and repair. As I age he has moved along to installing implants as needed and additional prevention advice for aging teeth. I am grateful for the staff person that has long left my work for the secret of my dentist. My implant you see was in the front of my mouth and very important for it to appear natural. His staff’s conscientious attention to working around a busy family and work schedule has been a blessing. Letting me email in my appointments and texting to remind me of them. So, as I pass along resources to cancer patients in my job, I am sharing my dentist resource to you! I can’t help it I love to help people....hmm must be why I was drawn to Creo Dentistry. Still smiling with my implanted front tooth!

Jerri Wood, Snohomish County

"I would do it all over again!"

It might have been 30 years ago I walked into Creo Dentistry in Marysville needing a dentist to look after my teeth. None of my grandparents kept their teeth into their old age, so I needed preventive as well as reconstructive care. Thru office cleanings and instructional home care, cavities were minimized. With a rigorous periodontal program, gum levels are still acceptable. When cavities did invade under crowns and 2 teeth could not be saved, implants were the answer; bulletproof mechanical teeth permanently mounted on pegs fused into the jaw bone. The implants were accomplished with no pain and no regrets. Dr. Hwang has a staff of personable professional dental folk that let you feel comfortable with each office visit. Best of all, I have my teeth!

Dan Erlendson, Stanwood